Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Young Quilters

Before I forget.. we had a Region 12 Area Day on Saturday over in West Wales.

It was a great day, Gail Lawther was the inspiring speaker with lots of gorgeous quilts and her stained glass bowls too.

I had 2 new girls came along for the Young Quilters workshop which was nice. It's always nice to pass on the obsession to new quilters. I managed to get this photo of a couple of the projects the girls made, quilted button pictures.

I think they did brilliantly with them!

Back Again!

We have finally got our Broadband problems sorted out. We kept losing the connection for days on end, and although the engineer came out twice, he couldn't find the cause. Never mind - it's all OK now, so I can get back to posting again.

I have just spent a lovely few days with the children and my Mum in Leicester visiting my brother.
I didn't manage to get to any quilt shops, but we had a fab day out at Bosworth battle field, although the company was terrifying at times! LOL!

This is DS incognito.

During my time out, I have managed to finish another quilt! Yay!
I finished the pink surprising 4-patch, but stupidly, forgot to photograph it before I gave it to my niece up in Leicester.

I'm now going to head off to my little room to work on my ALQS quilt and get started on binding another that is almost done.