Sunday, 26 April 2009

An almost finished

I have spent this week getting the quilting finished on this little confetti quilt. I saw a quilt like this on back in May 2007. The blocks are nice and easy, so I was inspired to have a go myself. The fabrics are all ones Ive dyed myself and never got round to using and the quilting is done with hand dyed Perle.

I'm pretty please with how it's turned out.

Now if I can get the binding on this week, I can turn to the next item to be finished!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Teeny Tiny Quilt in the Post

This little quilt came in the post on Friday. We've had a visitor all weekend, so I haven't had time to put it on here until now.
Lori has made this little quilt for me, in lovely bright fabrics. The spoke of each pinwheel is 1 inch square!
It's a lovely quilt which I am very pleased to put onto the wall - thank you Lori!

Bloggers on-line quilt festival

Park City Girl has had a brilliant idea - an on-line quilt show. There are lots of links to many blogs that I haven't come across before, so I thought I'd join in the fun.

I haven't included this quilt before, as it is one of the first quilts I ever made. I did a workshop with Sandra at Busy Bees on naive country applique using fusible web and blanket stitch. The nice thing about the class was that everyone made a quilt that reflected their on personality - we didn't all come home with a clone of the class sample, so I really love this early effort of mine.

My husband made the hanger especially for his quilt and it lives in the dining room - although it does get moved about from time to time!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

UFO Update

I have been quite busy the last week or so, but have managed a little work on the Oriental Pinwheels blocks. I've put together more blocks, and started to quilt them. I was going to machine quilt each block, but in the end, it is so easy to hand quilt them that I've gone with big stitch quilting in Perle thread. They're looking pretty good!

My other little project at the weekend was this little quilt gift for my Mum. This is my Grandfather when he was a young man, probably taken in the late 1930s. She was thrilled with it, and spent much of Sunday with it in her hand.
It's nice to get something so right.

I've got a friend coming to stay for the weekend, but hopefully I should be able to post a bit more progress next week.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Looking out UFOs

In recent days I have been trying to tidy up and sort out my quilting stuff. I have put most of my quilting books on shelves in a single bookcase - still some more to go though, but I'm getting there.
As well as books, I have been unearthing some of the unfinished items that are lurking in my little room. This one, I'm ashamed to say, seems to date from January 2004! The pattern was from Fabrications magazine, which was very carefully placed with all teh blocks and fabrics in a box. It's a pinwheel, but each block is made as a small quiltlet and then the blocks are all zig-zagged together.
I don't have many nearly complete blocks. These need quilting so I think I'll practice machine quilting on them.

As well as the above blocks, I have about 20 of the basic blocks, which need the wadding attaching and the sides closed up before turning through, plus pieced strip pairs all ready to make more.

I think I'll leave this one out and see if I can get it finished some time this year.
The trouble is, I just know there are loads more half finished projects in boxes lurking under the surface. I really think I'm going to have to name and shame in order to get them out in the open and onto beds!