Monday, 31 December 2007

It's the final post of the year..

... and at least there have been quilty goings-on in this house again! I have been poorly with the dreaded lurgy since Christmas day and so haven't really felt up to very much at all.
Today DD, Bronnie and I have had the fabric and sewing machine out once more. The Stashbusters group are doing a Sudoku New Year quilt and , as Bronnie is a big fan of these puzzles, she was very keen to have a go. I had a packet of 30s fat quarters that I got from the Fat Quarter Shop sale, which Bronnie really liked. So we now have the puzzle completed, all the pieces cut and the first 2 blocks pieced already. Hopefully we should be able to get the top done between us by Saturday when we'll be off to the local quilt group.
As well as Bronnie's quilt, I have also been cutting into some more of those fabrics from my stash busting box. I have 2 more blocks cut out for the Planet Patchwork BOM. I'm really behind on this one, but it seemed like a good way to use up scraps when I started.

I hope that you all have a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, like many of us, Christmas preparations caught up on me, and I haven't sewn a stitch in almost 2 weeks! I don't have withdrawal symptoms just yet, but I'm looking forward to a bit of playtime at the end of the week.
For now, I have done all the wrapping, set the table and am now relaxing before the Santa bit.
Enjoy DD Bronnie's gingerbread house - she had a ball this afternoon decorating it!

Have a very merry Christmas!


Monday, 10 December 2007

Stashbusting progress...

When I think about it, I've managed to quite a bit of stash this week. I have cut into 18 of the fat quarters in my box. From these I have cut a 10 inch square, which will be used for a pieced quilt backing, a stack of strips for the Crayon box blocks and some small squares from the remainder for leader/ender 4-patch blocks. There's still a bit of each of those FQs left, but I'm sure that I can find something to do with them.
I've got another 5 blocks for the Crayon box quilt and need about 5 more. I don't want it to be a bed quilt, a snuggly throw size will be OK for me.
We've got quite a busy week this week, with school concerts etc, but I hope that I can continue with this good start.

Oh and I nearly forgot the most important bit...

I didn't buy any fabric! I even went to my guild's Christmas party where there was a lovely quilt shop in attendance, the jelly rolls etc were all very tempting, but I resisted!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Still cutting, but a bit of stitching sneaked in!

I'm still cutting out pieces from my fat quarters box, I feel like I've done loads, but the box doesn't look any different. Perhaps the fabric is breeding in there - a new form of life that is known only to quilters! LOL!

I got a bit fed up with all of this cutting and nothing to show for it, so I have sneaked in a bit of stitching in-between times.
These blocks are from the Crayon box pattern on the Quiltville site. I had one completed already, and a few more in progress, but I've now got these and a (very) small stack of 4-patch leader/ender blocks. It feels good to be stitching after all that cutting. I've got a few more centre squares need to be done and then I can get going for real putting these blocks together

The weather is absolutely atrocious here, very windy and lots of heavy rain. We went out when it cleared a little to the medieval market at Caerphilly castle, which was a nice break in a dull day. But I did feel for the poor people there, i don't think they had many visitors on such a nasty day.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Still cutting......

I have been in and out of the house for the last few days and incredibly busy at work, so I have just been cutting out. I find it quite relaxing when I'm just cutting pieces like my strips/squares. I now have quite a decent pile of strips for the Crayon box blocks, although I will definitely need to cut more, and a goodly number of squares for a leader/ender project.
I'm ready to do some stitching now, although I have another dozen fat quarters ready for more cutting, so I think I'll do that tomorrow evening after I take Bronwen for her riding lesson

Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday and it's time to check in

I've not had a very quilty time in the last week. I managed to fall off the horse when I went riding last Wednesday, and ended up very stiff and sore for a few days. Silly me caught my heel on the saddle trying to dismount and ended up flat on my back beside my mount. Chess just looked at me with a puzzled look on his face!
This meant that I really haven't had much inclination to do any sewing ( haven't really been able to physically either).
Although I did have a nice time at the Cardiff Quilters Christmas party on Saturday. We had a couple of traders, but I resisted the fabrics despite the lady having some very nice rolls of Daiwabo fabrics. I did come home with the new Kaffe Fassett book though ( well I had been given a refund from a class that was cancelled so it was like it was free!). After lunch we had a lovely speaker, Bobby Britnell (her website is here). She brought along some lovely artworks, both quilts and drawings/paintings. I had seen some of them before at various Six exhibitions, but its always nice to re-acquaint oneself with great quilts. I particularly liked the daisy and bookcase quilts, and some little box frames filled with embellished squares that reminded me of the inchies I have seen on Kates blog. Perhaps after Christmas I'll have a go at making some.
Anyway, now that my back and neck are feeling much better, I have been cutting int some of the fat quarters in my challenge box. I've only started on about half a dozen so far, but from each of them I have cut a 10.5 inch square and some 2.5 inch strips. The squares I will piece to make a backing for a scrappy lap quilt, and the strips will go into further Crayon Box blocks.
When I've got a reasonable amount cut, I'll start piecing again. For now, I'll just have to make do with 'unsewing' the quilting I did on my Christmas table runner ( the decorative stitching I wanted to use just isn't working out, so it all needs to be unpicked again!)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Just for you Andrea!

Andrea wanted to see the fat quarters that I plan to use in my little stash busting exercise, so Andrea, Here they are!

These are the fat quarters that I have sorted out for my stash busting efforts. I haven't counted them all, but there are quite a few.

I've had a think about what I'm going to do first. I need a backing for my Strip Twist lap quilt and I think scrappy will work well, so I'm going to cut a 10 inch square from each of the fat quarters. This should yield enough for a lap quilt backing. I love scrappy pieced backs, I have another quilt on the go which uses fat quarters pieced whole for the back and it looks great

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Stash Reduction

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am the Fat Quarter Queen! And by this title, I am not referring to my substantial behind! LOL! When I started quilting I quickly developed an addiction to these little bits of sunshine, and now I have loads and loads and loads of them. At the time they seemed like a fairly cheap way of acquiring a nice palette of fabrics, and indeed they are. But how many times have I looked at a lovely quilt in a magazine or book and found that I just don't have the quantity of fabric specified in the requirements. So I'd go out and get some more!
Judy Laquidara at Sunshine Quilts is running a stash-reducing challenge. I've made a sort of half-hearted attempt at trying to reduce my stash for some time now, but lets be honest, I haven't really used up too much fabric. I have a lap quilt top made using one of Bonnie H's Quiltville patterns, Strip Twist and a few other blocks of another design made, but that's about it. I will join this challenge and see if I can use up some of this fabric.
I have sorted a large pile of fq's into a box, and will attempt to use these up before I start on another project. I don't know yet what I'm going to make with them, scrap quilts are a possibility, but also bags might happen too.

Not so restful Sunday..

I had great hopes today of getting the binding done on my Indian Hatchets quilt. I say had, but you have probably already guessed what happened here, it just didn't get done!
Instead I have spent the day trying to impose some sort of order in the mess that is my sewing room. This little room is only 6 feet by 9, but it is all mine, and it gets into a right state sometimes. A whole load of stuff turned up in my sort-out session that isn't even mine, I think that some people in this house ( who shall remain nameless ) use this space as a dumping ground. Never mind, all is now looking much better. I still need to clear off the cutting table, which is going to have to wait until tomorrow as my back is really complaining. We don't have anything on tomorrow after school, so I should be able to get this last little bit done and get my binding made. I do hope so, as I have another quilt that needs the quilting finished and I'd like to get to it while I'm on a roll!

Just so that this entry isn't another one that is picture-less I have added a photo of my little Button picture all framed and up on the wall. I still haven't got Bronnie interested in finishing hers off yet, but I'm glad that mine is done at least. I did have great ideas about making some more of these for Christmas presents, but we'll see...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Not much going on here

I'm sorry to have been gone for a while. We spent a few days in Belfast over the last weekend, so there was no sewing going on. I did take some hand piecing with me, but with a bit of sight seeing and the International Cross Country ( DH was representing Wales in the 45+ category ) I didn't manage to put in a single stitch!
Mum and I took the children to see Beowulf while DH was at the presentation dinner. They enjoyed it, although Bronwen and I had to cuddle up for the jumpy bits a couple of times!

I have finished the quilting on the Indian Hatchet quilt today, used a lovely YLI variegated thread called Harvest. Although I have only done straight line quilting on this lap quilt, I am quite pleased with the effect. Hopefully I can get the binding done tomorrow, and then I'll have something to show off again.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Progress and frustration!

Well, I have managed to get some work done on the quilt I showed yesterday.

It's been pretty slow going so far. The quilting design I was going to use didn't turn out how it looked in my head, so that lot got unpicked!

The walking foot is a great invention to aid those whose machine quilting isn't really up to scratch. Not to self - it's a good idea to drop the foot before one attempts to quilt 2 diagonal rows! More unpicking!

I finally managed to get all of the diagonal rows and the inner border quilted before I made any more mistakes. I've now finished for the evening while I'm ahead.

I want to do some more quilting in the centre, ideally around the 2-color squares, but I'm not sure that I can be bothered with dealing with all of the thread ends.

I have no idea what I'm going to do in the outer border yet - any ideas?

For now I'm going to deal with the threads that I have while I veg out in front of the TV, and I'll sleep on the bits that I'm unsure about. I probably wont be able to do any more tomorrow as I've got quite a busy evening in store, but I may get a little done before I have to take DD riding.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Better get quilting!

It seems that I have become the 'Queen of Tops'!
I love piecing quilts, but I'm afraid that I seem to get less inspired as I get nearer to the actual quilting stage. Consequently, I have a few quilts that are in the process of being quilted, basted, tops (or flimsies, whichever you prefer), or put together and only awaiting borders.
I really need to sort this situation out.
Below is a quilt that I made some time ago from a couple of those Moda charm packs and a bit of extra fabric. It's been all basted together awaiting machine quilting since early summer. I have decided that I must get it done before I do any more piecing.
I know piecing is fun, and I love to see the blocks grow into a whole quilt, but if I don't get on with at least some of these quilts, I'm going to drown in them!
I have 4 days of nice early finishes from work this week so I ought to be able to achieve something. I'll check back with my progress soon.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Quilt swap next round

Sign ups are currently been taken for the next round of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. I loved my little Autumn quilt, sent to me by Bren.
I have sent off my mail to sign up for the Winter round, due at the end of January. So there's plenty of time to create a lovely quilt for someone. The more who sign up the merrier!

Friday, 9 November 2007

A bit of a week

It's been a bit of a week here in Wales!
Work has been hectic to say the least - I have to give a demo of some prototype software we've developed on Monday, so it's been frantically trying to get everything ready.
We've also had something on every evening as well, so no time to relax with a bit of stitching either! :-( But at least DS has been thinking about A'levels/university etc after the school 'Making Choices' evening - so something positive! He wants to be a vet, and may now have realised just how hard he is going to have to work just to get into vet school!

When I was off last week, we took the children to Bristol zoo, so I thought I'd share these lovely pictures from the walk-through Lemur enclosure. Isn't he just gorgeous?

The lemurs are my very favourite animals. So much so, that at the Autumn quilt show at Malvern last week, I just had to have a piece of the new Makower fabric with lemur panels on it! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but whatever it is it will be just for me!

Hopefully I will get all caught up this weekend, and normal quilty life will resume once more!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

No pictures today I'm afraid

Sorry to have been so remiss with this blog, but the last few days have been pretty hectic.
On Friday DH had a day off, so as the children were still on half term break, we all went to Bristol Zoo. The weather was fabulous, and the animals were all out enjoying the autumn sunshine. We had a lovely encounter with the ring tail lemurs in their walk-through enclosure - hopefully I will have some nice photos.
Yesterday I went to the Autumn Quilt show at Malvern with my quilt group. Bronnie and I had a lovely time looking at all of the quilts and browsing the traders stands - we made a few purchases too! We also took a mini workshop, little shadow quilted Christmas cards, I will show them off tomorrow when the light is better for taking pictures.
Today I have been helping out on the Quilters Guild stand at the Creative Stitches show in Cardiff. Although this show seems to be mainly card-making and cross stitch these days, there were some lovely quilts on display, along with some of the costumes from Strictly Come Dancing and we managed to get to the Jennie Rayment lecture - she was hysterically funny as always!

It's back to work for me in the morning, not looking forward to that, but when I'm back to the usual routine I seem to find more time for quilting. I want to get the borders on the panel quilt I posted about this last week - the centre is all put together and I'm really pleased with my first attempt at an on-point quilt.
Perhaps this is a good time to decide on my priorities list for November

1) piece and sew borders onto the panel lap quilt
2) quilt Christmas Log Cabin table runner
3) complete quilting on my mother in law's Christmas present ( just don't ask which Christmas it was supposed to be for! LOL!)

There that lot should keep me out of trouble of a while, still leaving me with room to have a bit of my own fun as well.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Back in March I bought these panels at the Exeter quilt show ( was supposed to not be buying fabric, but couldn't resist them!). Of course they have sat in my stash ever since. On Saturday I found these two co-ordinating fabrics and thought they might help me to use up the panels. Sorry, I cant get the pictures to line up properly.

I decided to use these to try my hand at an on-point setting. I cant believe that I've never made a quilt on point, but there it is.
I cut out all the blocks, which was a bit frustrating as some of the panels were printed a bit skew-whiff and now I'm half way through stitching all of them together, but its looking quite good.

This is just going to be a 'back-of-the-sofa' utility quilt, so I think big stitch quilting might be in order ( although I might get fed up and just machine quilt it!)

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

This month's Round-Up

On the first I posted a list of what I would like to achieve this month,

1) complete the Christmas table runner

2) sash the pretty blocks from Saturday's class

3) make a sample project for the Young Quilters ready for the Guild Regional day at the end of October

Sadly, there hasn't been quite as much progress as I would like, but the Young Quilter's sample was made, and the class held successfully so that one's OK.
All of the pretty surprising 4-patch blocks are sashed, and sewn into rows, just need to get the rows put together and borders on.
I didn't even look at the Christmas table runner! Oops!

Never mind, tomorrow is the first again, and I can just add to a new list! The surprising 4-patch and Christmas table runner will stay on there, but I'll have to think of the next task I'd like to finish.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Young Quilters

Yesterday was a lovely quilty day here in Wales. Region 12 (south and mid Wales) of the Quilters Guild had a regional day. I am Young Quilters rep for Region 12, so at these events I run a class for the children. I only had 2 girls at my class yesterday, my own home-grown YQ and 1 other, but they enjoyed the project that I had devised for them - Halloween Banners.
This is Bronwen's banner. I had created a sample with a pumpkin as the picture, but she preferred to make a spooky ghost instead. I'm very proud of her, she isn't a huge fan of hand stitching but persevered with the big wool stitches by herself.

In the afternoon we had a talk from Marie Roper. Her quilts were gorgeous, and she generously allowed us to pass them around to have a really good look. Bronwen and I particularly like her horse quilts - wish I could machine quilt like that!
There was a shopping opportunity too, I bought a book and some fabric ( will show that later!)
All in all a lovely lovely day!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Trying to live up to my name!

So far this week I've had very little time, and little inclination to do much more in the evening than veg out in front of the tv. But I decided that today I was not going to do the same thing. I have a little box of scraps cut up into 2.5 inch strips ready for a pattern I saw on Quiltville. I still need to cut up more pieces, but I needed a fix of something nice and simple to stitch and so I've started piecing the blocks. The quilt is called Crayon Box and it looks like it will grow quite quickly once I get going. I have a few blocks in various stages of construction, but here's a finished one.

I think this is going to be a bright quilt!

I have another top pieced from a Quiltville pattern. This one is waiting to be quilted ( along with about 4 other quilts in various stages of completion!). This was another quilt that I used only fabrics from my stash to make. Not bad!

Now if I can make about another 20 I might begin to see the mountain going down! LOL!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Another project (almost) complete

My little button picture that we did at the local quilt shop is done ( well the sewing part is complete!) This is the class that I went to with DD the other week (her first grown-up quilt class!). We made little suffolk puffs and attached them to a quilted background with buttons. This one just needs a picture frame now, so it's off to the shops I go tomorrow.

Now I just need to persuade Bronwen to sit down for long enough to finish hers off. Hopefully she will be inspired by the sight of mine.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

More lovely mail!

Wow the postman brought me some more goodies today!
I ordered the fat quarter bonanza from the Fat Quarter Shop, that's 12 co-ordinating fqs for $16.80, surprise on colour etc. This is the set I got, chocolate and pink ( have I mentioned that pink is my favourite colour?) sort of art nouveau theme. And 12 fqs is a good number to have for a decent sized quilt.

Any ideas about what I can do with these beauties would be most welcome!
At last Blogger will let me upload photos.
Here is my lovely Autumn quilt.

And detail of the applique and quilting.

Isnt it lovely?

Thank you Bren!

Better get off to work now :(

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Post once more!

I'm happy to say that the effects of the postal strike seem to be over at last. Woohoo! This means that my Four Seasons swap quilt has arrived!
Bren has sent me a beatiful applique basket quilt. The hand quilting on it is gorgeous too.

Blogger wont let me upload photos just now which is a shame as this quilt is really lovely but I will try again later

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Not too much this week

DH is shouting at the rugby on the TV, so I thought I would catch upon here for a bit. I cant believe it's been a week since I last posted, very remiss of me. I've had a very very busy week at work creating a prototype, so I didn't pick up a piece of fabric til Thursday. Since then I've managed to piece all of the rows of my Surprising 4-patch quilt, and most of the joining rows too. This means that I don't really have anything very interesting to show you though! But I should get the centre done early next week, watch this space!
I've had a frustrating afternoon though. I have done the first round of my first mini round robin block, all very good, I was quite pleased with the pieced border I put on. The, when I came to square it up - disaster! The wretched thing is 1 inch too big! It's supposed to be 8.5 inches and mine is 9.5. I cant send it on regardless, because this will mess up things for the other people in the group. So, I will just have to bite the bullet and unpick it. I cant face that tonight though. For now, I'm going to try to relax and have a glass of wine instead!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Mum'n'daughter time

I hope that you're having a nice weekend. Today has been pretty hectic, but great fun. My quilting group, Cardiff Quilters, were hosting a visit by the Swansea Quilters so the day started early with setting out tables etc. Various members did demonstrations and I did the stamping on fabric one that I did at the Festival of Quilts. It seemed to go down well, and lots of ladies made quilt labels with some of my Welsh/Celtic-themed stamps to take home. Late in the morning my husband picked up DD, Bronwen, who was at a friends sleepover party. She joined us for lunch and then the two of us went to a local quilt shop for a little class in the afternoon. This is the first time Bronwen has been to a grownup quilting class, and she enjoyed it, although she did get a bit frustrated with the hand stitching ( tired from the sleepover I think!) We made pictures with Suffolk puffs finished off with a button. Bronwen needs to complete her background, and then I'll post some photos tomorrow when they're done

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Slow but sure

Progress here is pretty slow at the moment, I'm not managing much more than 15 minutes per day on sashing the 'pretty' blocks. Still my husband will be out all evening tomorrow, so I can indulge myself for a bit longer!
I had wanted to have all the sashing attached and the rows sewn together before Saturday, so that I can get border fabric before they sell out of it. But that's not going to happen now, so I shall carry on slow and steady.
This is what the sashing will look like once it's done. The colours haven't come out brilliantly, the lavender looks quite blue here, and the blocks themselves do look quite a bit stronger in real life. I do hope that this is not going to overwhelm them.

But then, it's my quilt isn't it, and I can do what I want with it! LOL!
Take no notice of my bravado, I've made a quilt that didn't turn out how it looked in my mind and I was very very disappointed ( in fact it doesn't live on the wall, it lives in a cupboard!)

Monday, 1 October 2007

The first of the month..

I have been mooching around various blogs and decided to pinch an idea I have seen in several places.
I will set myself a couple of tasks to achieve by the end of the month. I'm also going to try to prioritise my ufos as well.

So, here I am committing myself.

I want to

1) complete the Christmas table runner

2) sash the pretty blocks from Saturday's class

3) make a sample project for the Young Quilters ready for the Guild Regional day at the end of October - I haven't decided what this project is going to be yet, but as there is limited space at the venue, it will have to involve hand sewing rather than machine, and may well use black fleece ( as I picked up a cheapy one from Ikea last week!)

There we are, I think that will do for now. If I put too many things on my list, I will just get overwhelmed ( and work is doing that for me just now!) and not get anything done.

Lets hope that I will have progress to report on October 31st.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

More quilting ........

I had a lovely day of quilting yesterday. I took a class, surprising 4-patch, with Judi Mendelsohn at Busy Bees. The class involved making 4-patch blocks in a stack'n'whack technique to produce simple kaleidoscopes, and I was very pleased to come home with 30 blocks, more than enough for a quilt! So, my quilting today has mainly consisted of cutting sashing and cornerstones to put the blocks together with. I still need to think about borders but I hope that I can get the centre of the quilt done this week.

This quilt in very untypical of my usual style - in fact a couple of the ladies in the class who know me were rather surprised by my 'pretty' blocks - they don't photograph too well, but what do you think?


My little quilt for the Four Seasons Swap is complete and winging it's way to someone! I do hope that she likes it! I spend too much time agonising over my choices, but people who have seen it in the flesh assure me that they would be happy to get it, so that will have to do for me.

Now, can I wait for the next round? LOL!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Quilty Weekend

I've had quite a busy weekend here in Wales. We celebrated my birthday and went for a nice family meal out and went to a quilt stash sale with on Saturday. I managed to pick up a few useful bits and pieces, little sample squares ( I can now finish off the quilt I started with some of these once before!), some pale scraps and strips ( my stash is predominantly bright, so neutrals will come in handy) and a couple of larger bits of fabric.

I have managed to get the borders on my Four Seasons quilt, and have completed the quilting. I just need to get the binding finished now, it should be in the post by Wednesday I hope. I will post a picture of the completed quilt once it has arrived at it's destination - I am very pleased with it, so lets hope the recipient likes it!

We spent yesterday in Swansea where DH was running in the Swansea Bay 10K. He had another good run (20Th overall) so the soaking we had from the rain was made worthwhile! LOL!

For my birthday a quilty friend gave me a lovely Moda tin containing the pattern for a mini quilt and a pack of Sanctuary charm squares. I had planned to go onto a ufo when the Four Seasons quilt is finished, but it looks like I may get distracted by this little project instead!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

I like the 4 Seasons Quilt this time!

Well, at last I am pleased with these blocks for the Four Seasons swap. I think I was right to forget about the other top - I would have just worried that the recipient didn't like it. And, added bonus, I can keep the other one! I have some fab fabric for the borders of these blocks, which hopefully I can get on tonight before I go for my riding lesson ( have to get my weekly fix of horseflesh!)

I think I'll stay and mooch a while on here looking at some other blogs. I've managed to kick DS off to do his homework, which means that I have Napster to myself. Don't get me wrong, I do like the music he plays ( most of it!) but sometimes I like a bit of nostalgia, so I shall sit here and enjoy the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading and Roberta Flack.

Monday, 17 September 2007


Why do I always do this!
I started a top for the Four Seasons doll quilt swap, here, the fabrics are out-doorsey and really nice. Then I decided that it wasn't good enough, so now I've done another. I just have to finish 3 more blocks and then I'll show you.
Why do I always change my mind again and again until the last minute? It seems that I am just destined to be the Queen of Procrastination

Unexpected playtime

I've had a bit of unexpected playtime this morning. A bad accident has closed the motorway and caused traffic chaos in South Wales. Fortunately I heard about the problems before I got too far down the road to work and turned back. Some people have been stuck for hours, horrible for them, but not as horrible as for those involved. So, an unexpected day off for me.

Ta Da! The borders are on the confetti quilt! I am so pleased with this one, it is much brighter than it appears in the picture and should look great on the wall. At the moment I am trying to decide how to quilt it. I was hoping to have been on a machine quilting workshop, but it was cancelled, so this one will probably be quilted with straight lines!
I wonder how quickly I can get it done?

Another quilt that was waiting in the to-be-machine-quilted pile is this one:

I took this one to my group on Saturday and have worked out what I'm going to do with it thanks to a friend.

I figure if I post photos of these quilts then I'll have to set to and finish them - too shaming otherwise! LOL!

Sunday, 16 September 2007


A bit of a distracted weekend here in Wales. I had lots of good intentions, but ended up getting into the rugby - shame Wales lost. DH is a real rugby fan, he loves World Cup time, so there's a match on pretty much all of the time, and I just cant help getting sucked in to them.
I spent yesterday morning at my quilt group, which was nice. I took some hand sewing along with me, but it stayed in the box - whoops! I did take some photos of 1 of mine and a couple of the other ladies quilts made with charm packs. We are developing quite an addiction to these little packs of squares, but sometimes it's difficult to know what to do with them, so I am trying to create a little folder for the group with ideas in, which is why I was taking photos. Sadly, some of the photos didn't come out, so I'll have to do them again next time.
I have done a bit of stitching. I've been piecing the borders for my little confetti quilt, but they're not quite finished yet ( and now it's time for a glass of wine, so the machine/rotary cutter has gone away!) I should be able to show some progress in a day or two. The Four Seasons quilt is coming on as well - why does it take me ages to decide what I'm going to do - I just keep on changing my mind until time forces me into a decision!
I have also joined a little Round Robin. I have never done one of these before, always feeling a bit nervous about working on another person's quilt. But this is a little one - start with a 4.5 inch block and just have 3 rounds of 2.5 inch borders. Hopefully I shouldn't find it too stressful. This is my little centre block, I decided to go for scrappy as a theme.

I hope that you've had a good weekend too!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Yay! Normal service resumes!

Woohoo! At last I have managed a lovely uninterrupted hour in my sewing room!
It feels great!

I have got lots to be getting on with, but thought I would celebrate the occasion with a bit of fun.

A while ago I saw a little quilt made with free-pieced triangles on Anne's blog
and really liked the idea of not measuring or anything , just going for it.
So, I made these blocks to test the theory ( thank you Anne for the inspiration, I hope you dont mind my having a go too):

Unfortunately I only made 8, and as its just a bit of playing at the moment, I didn't really want to have to make a load more, so I used some of the leftover strips to make a different block for the centre.

I am loving how this is going together, and as soon as I get the borders done I'll show you more.

The fabrics were some small bits that I had dyed ages ago and have been keeping for 'best' ever since. So this little project works on 2 levels, playtime and using up a bit of the fabric stash!

Thank you for the encouraging comments, we had a lovely weekend in Lake Vyrnwy, and DH came 3rd in the half marathon ( out of a field of 1500!).

Now back to cutting out my 4 seasons quilt.....

Friday, 7 September 2007

Not much going on here

Tough week this week, and I haven't managed to get much done in the way of stitching. This is a disappointment, as I do find it relaxing, but I'm sure that I will get into my sewing room next week. It always takes a little while once school starts again to get back into the swing of things and find time for hobbies.

We're off up to north Wales for the weekend as my DH will be running in the Lake Vyrynwy half marathon. He won the veterans prize last year so lets hope he does as well again this year.

I will be back with lots of quilting next week, so please keep coming back. It is nice to see from the counter that someone out there is reading this, and thank you for all of the encouraging comments.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Sidetracked again!

Mooching around other people's blogs, I came across these on Helen's blog. I was suddenly reminded that I have a set of scrappy cat blocks from a swap several years ago, and so off I went in search of them thinking that I could combine the kitties with some other scrappy blocks. I didn't find the little furry creatures ( I know they're hiding in that room somewhere!) but I did find these little blocks instead:

As they are quite seasonal I thought that I'd put them together and create a wall hanging at the least. I will be taking a machine quilting workshop in 2 weeks with Sonia Fox - I can machine quilt sort of straight lines, but that's about it. I know I will need to practise ( a lot ) to become in any way proficient and so a couple of smallish project ready and waiting seems like a good idea. This also gives me goal to work towards as well ( never a bad thing for me, I could procrastinate for Britain! )

As well as putting things off, my other vice is changing my mind! And, so I've done it again. I have changed my mind about the fabrics for my 4 Seasons swap. I would show them to you, but the feature fabric might give it away to my partner. Perhaps when I've made up some of the blocks I'll post a picture.

Today has mostly been taken up with getting ready for the kids to go back to school - who would believe that hair cuts and school shoes could take up most of the day! Still it does mean that we're done and tomorrow can be a bit more relaxing.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Look what came in the post!!

Look at this lovely post card from Kate which my postie brought. This was one of the prizes Kate offered in her blogiversary draw and I was lucky enough to have my name drawn.
I have participated in postcard swaps before and I had forgotten just how nice it is to receive these lovely little pieces of art in the post.
Thank you very much Kate, I think you may have jump started me into joining some postcard swapping once again.

I've had an incredibly busy week at work, and a long committee meeting at my quilt group today, so the stitching has taken a back seat this week. All I've managed has been a little hand sewing, still practising applique and some English paper pieced Liberty stars. I have got some time off though ( don't go back to work until Wednesday) so I plan to make my Fall Doll quilt and do some using-up of stash. Of course I also have to do the back to school stuff with the children, new shoes, stationary and hair cuts, but I should find some time to indulge myself! Wish me luck!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Another applique BOM block finished!

We've had a visitor, so haven't been able to get any of the stash-reduction projects I have in mind started yet. It's been great to see our visitor, she's an old friend from college, and we don't see her very often. So, I'm not unhappy about missing out on a long bank holiday weekend of quilting.
I have managed some more hand applique though. I've finished the next block in the Japanese Garden block of the month quilt ( I must only be 7 months behind now! LOL!)
I am very happy with how these blocks are turning out, especially as I've not done 'proper' applique before! And I just love these Daiwabo fabrics. I think I might just have to succumb to some more of them ( once I've used up some stash - honest!) The colours are so subtle ( not like me at all!)
Now I just need to prepare the next block ready for hand stitching. Once the children go back to school in 10 days I'll be back to waiting in the car for them at the bus stop/train station etc, and then I'll get lots of hand sewing done.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Some stitching time at last!

The children have been on holiday with their grandmother for the last week ( they'll be back tomorrow - cant wait!)
I thought that this would provide an ideal opportunity for unlimited quilting - sadly I reckoned without work messing up this plan!
At last though, I have managed something constructive. I stitched this little top together using a stack of 2 inch charms. I know it's not very exciting, but sometimes the action of sewing something, however simple, can be very therapeutic. I now need to think of borders for it. I could use this for the 4 Seasons doll quilt swap, but I haven't decided yet.

I also managed to get the next one of my Japanese Garden blocks tacked down. I'll show it off when it's finished - tacking stitches and loose threads don't look that exciting just yet! LOL!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Back again!

Well, we are back from a lovely weekend at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. The quilts on show there were just fabulous.
I did come home all inspired to get creating, but sadly work has been getting in the way of quilting time this week, with long hours and stuff. Don't they know I need my stitching fix ( not to mention the large numbers of fat quarters that need to be used up!)
While I was at the festival, I took part in the Breakfast with Region 12 event. I was demonstrating something based upon a project I did with our Young Quilters. We took a square piece of white fabric and arranged fusible backed squares in red and green ( but without ironing it) Then the children used some rubber stamps I had to stamp Welsh motifs in the white bits. Once they were happy with their stamping, we ironed the coloured squares down, made a quilt sandwich and then they went to town with some fancy stitches on the machine. At the end we added 2 overlapping strips of fabric to the back. And voila, a Welsh cushion!
They were very happy to take home a completed project at the end of the day.

I was a bit nervous about this demonstrating lark, as I don't normally do these things to grown-ups, and I thought they may have high expectations of such an event. So, I took a stack of fabric squares for people to have a go themselves, and tried to think up some additional projects to show as well as the cushion. I came up with some coasters ( bit boring!) and then got to playing. This was the result....

I have used up all of that green fabric, so I will have to think about how I can extend this idea. But I really liked it the idea of using the stamps on the block pieces.
Any thoughts on this will be more than happily received!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Away for a short while.

I am so excited, the children have gone on holiday with Granny and we are off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham for the weekend.
I will be doing a demonstration on Saturday morning, so I have been busy making some samples ( at the last minute as usual - but hey I work full time too!). The basis of the demo is a little cushion project that I did couple of months ago with the Young Quilters, the cushion had stamped Welsh motifs on it, so I thought I would do stamping on fabrics. Lets hope people like it, I normally do projects with children, so doing something for grown-ups is a bit daunting.

Other than that, I have my spending money ready for the vendors, and a 1Gb memory card in the camera, and a willing photographer in the form of DH.
So I will away for the next few days and come back all full of inspiration ready for a productive week of sewing!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Welsh Quilting

Living in Wales, I have come to appreciate the fabulous tradition of quilting that we have here. There is just something so wonderful about these intricate designs. I am avidly following this Welsh style stitch-along at the moment. This is done in the true Welsh fashion, filling in the spaces with designs that take the quilter's fancy. I've seen some fabulous quilts where the chosen designs don't quite fit in places, which adds to the charm.

I suppose that this is where I should confess that I have my very own unfinished Welsh quilt. I made the top in a class with Clare Claridge ( Making Welsh Quilts ) several years ago. It is still waiting to be quilted! I want to quilt it heavily in the Welsh fashion, which is why I have never got round to it. Hopefully Cassie's tutorial will inspire me to get my own masterpiece finished one day soon.
As soon as I get back onto the main computer ( where all the photos are) I'll post a photo - if I show it all of you, then I'll have to finish it wont I? LOL!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Not a good start!

Oh dear! Not a good start to blogging for me! Tut tut!

I had high hopes of yesterday, planned to achieve lots, but instead we took the children to see the latest Harry Potter film and the whole day just got away from me. Still, the film was good and family time is always a bonus, especially when we are all so busy.

I have managed to set a foot inside my sewing room this evening - just a small foot mind you, as it is such a mess in there! LOL!

So I thought that instead I would post my first 'proper' applique.

This is a block of the month program from Antique Angel. The blocks are a mixture of applique and pieced, and done in Japanese Daiwabo fabrics. The colours are so subtle and very unlike the ones I normally go for ( I do like brights, particularly pink!) And for my first attempt I was very pleased with this block. I have another all prepared and ready to go, so hopefully it wont be too long before I can post some progress on this one.

Thank you for the comments, it's lovely to know that there is someone out there listening to me.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Tommorow's Challenge

Well I've mulled it over, and have settled on my tasks for tommorow

1) I really really really need to tidy up my sewing room!!

2) Sort out the fabrics and design for the Four Seasons Doll Quilt Swap and get going on the top. A little quilt will be just the thing to get me started again!

3) I am off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham next weekend and want to make some of the animal blocks for project Linus. I have some from my quilt group that I will be delivering, and really ought to contribute myself.

I think that's enough of a start for now.

A Fresh Start

I've decided to jump back into the world of blogging! I spend so much time reading other blogs that I feel the need to communicate my own quilting adventures to those quilters that feel like friends.
I'm still trying to set this up with links etc, but I figured that if I waited until it was perfect, it would never get done!
So, to business, about me....

I am Teresa, older than I feel, living in Wales with my family ( DH and 2 sprogs!). I've been quilting for about 8 years and have amassed quite a stash and a not small number of ufos. I really need to organise the list of those I intend to finish off and get going on them!
I love all sorts of quilts, traditional bed quilts, art quilts, wallhangings, atcs, postcards, you name it, I love them all!
I'm mainly a piecer, but am currently working on some 'real' applique too. I figured that if I dont practise, I will always be scared of it and will never manage those teeny, invisible stitches.

I will prioritise my 'to do' list soon, but for now, here is one of my recent quilts. This little one was 12 inches square and was made as a leaving present for a girl at work. The hst units were all of the offcuts from a larger project ( which is still waiting to be quilted, but that's another story!)