Friday, 7 September 2007

Not much going on here

Tough week this week, and I haven't managed to get much done in the way of stitching. This is a disappointment, as I do find it relaxing, but I'm sure that I will get into my sewing room next week. It always takes a little while once school starts again to get back into the swing of things and find time for hobbies.

We're off up to north Wales for the weekend as my DH will be running in the Lake Vyrynwy half marathon. He won the veterans prize last year so lets hope he does as well again this year.

I will be back with lots of quilting next week, so please keep coming back. It is nice to see from the counter that someone out there is reading this, and thank you for all of the encouraging comments.

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Andrea said...

Good luck to your hubby !! Next week is my first full week of having the house to myself for 6 months so I plan a LOT of quilting too !