Monday, 25 February 2008

Saturday catch-up

This is the card DD Bronwen made at the Young Quilters class on Saturday.
It was quite a challenging project. The basket is pieced over papers and then appliqued down onto the background.
The flowers were then supposed to be made from Suffolk Puffs (which would have looked lovely) but we ran out of time, so the girls used some funky foam flowers and sparkly bits to decorate the basket with.
I'm not sure who is going to get this card, but it's Mother's day next weekend, so maybe she will give it to Granny

Despite being busy with the Young Quilters, I did manage a little bit of retail therapy as well.
There was a stall selling these thread carousels, among other goodies. I just couldn't resist! I already have my threads stored in a rack mounted on the wall, but I think this will be handy for keeping in the sitting room when I'm hand quilting ( I make it sound like I do a lot of hand quilting don't I? LOL!)

And finally...
look what arrived in the post. I ordered these patterns last week from Lisa Boyer in Hawaii, they came in double quick time. The patterns are lovely and Lisa had included a surprise - some Hawaiian charms. They are certainly what I need to brighten up a dismal grey day here in Wales. Thank you Lisa!

When I've finished something up around here, I'm going to make one or two of those wacky Tiki heads. They look like lots of fun!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Scrap Quilting

We had a great day in Swansea today at the Katherine Guerrier workshop today. The venue was great and the company friendly - what more can you ask for?
I had some issues with one of the blocks - that's the polite way of saying that I did it wrong - several tines! But, other than that, I had a great time. I managed 2 complete 12 inch blocks, plus another 3 of the mini blocks that make this quilt sparkle. These are everyone's blocks together - we made a quilt's worth between us. My blocks are the 3rd down on the left, and 3rd down on the right.
This week I plan to get a whole load more of the light/dark squares cut for the half square triangles and then I can carry on. Apparently 9 blocks plus a border will make a reasonable sized quilt. I should be able to manage that.

I'm looking forward to a more productive week this week!
At least it has started well.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Oh dear - what a week!
The new project I am working on has resulted in long, very busy days at work, so stitching has taken a seat right at the back. I don't like this much, and usually find a bit of quilting very therapeutic when things get tough, but this week it just hasn't been possible.
This weekend has been completely different though. Today was the Region 12 of the Quilter's Guild Area Day. I was teaching a Young Quilter's workshop this morning and in the afternoon Katherine Guerrier was the speaker - fabulous quilts! I don't have many Young Quilter's, but there are a couple of regulars, and a new girl joined us today. I hope that she enjoyed the spring cards we made and comes next time.
Sadly I forgot my camera, and so didn't get any photos of the cards the girls made, but I'll try to get a picture of Bronwen's card for you.

I've just spent the evening sorting some more scraps ready for a class tomorrow with Katherine Guerrier. I definitely won't be forgetting the camera!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Cat update

A couple of people have asked about Icicle, our new cat.
She is getting on very well in her new home. She really is the ideal cat for us, quite playful ( but not too mad!) and very affectionate. She doesnt 'talk' though. I've never met a cat before who doesnt 'miaow'.

She's been out in the garden this week, marching about and letting the other cats in the neighbourhood know that she's here.

At last - some progress!

I had a day off work today, it's half term, so the children are off from school, and I was able to enjoy a bit of time with them. There was a bit of running around with DS, up and down to the stables, as he was riding this afternoon (again! That makes 4 times this week - so far!) and I took DD out for lunch while Niall was riding.
But I have also managed to squeeze in some time in my own room, working on putting together these 2 quilts.

The photos are a bit rubbish, as the light was going, and I've got on a bit further after I took these.

This crayon box quilt is so very nearly done, I'm having to be careful, this is the stage when I always make stupid mistakes and end up unpicking a stack of seams.
I just have 1 more strip to put on, and the sashing on one of the outside edges.

This Surprising 4-patch needs 2 more rows and the borders. I had hoped to finish this one as I will be taking a class tomorrow with the lady who taught this class, and I thought it would be nice to take it along with me. Never mind, I will probably see her next weekend at the Guild area day.

Monday, 11 February 2008

When work interferes with quilting...

I didn't leave work until 7pm tonight, so I haven't set foot inside my little room to work on that Crayon Box top. I've just had my tea, a bath, and spent a little time checking some blogs before be time.
I found one new to me, Lisa Boyer, the author of the Dorky Home-made quilt books. I just love those books, they really tickle me. So, I shall be checking this one out on a regular basis.
Just thought I'd share.

I'll be home at a more normal time tomorrow, so I should get some more done to my quilt - or at leats be able to document it's progress more thoroughly.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Busy weekend

Well, this weekend has been pretty good. I didnt have any prior committments, apart from taking DS ( the Rock God ) to a music exam - he thinks he did OK, so fingers crossed.
The rest of the weekend has been spent watching the rugby ( and trying not to get carried away with Wales' second win!) and stitching.
The crayon box blocks are all done and 2 of the 4 rows have been joined together. I need to cut some more sashing pieces now, and then I can get this top finished.
I've got a long day at work tomorrow, so I probably wont be able to get much done after work, but I will be off on Wednesday and Friday. Stitching time later then!
Hopefully I should be able to post some photos later this week, especially if I can get my crayon box top finished.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wow - another lovely pressie in the post!

My Four Seasons swap quilt is here!
Look at this lovely litle chap, isn't he gorgeous? This beautiful quilt is from Elke in Austria.

He certainly makes me feel chilly.

And a close up.

I have been admiring these stitcheries on quite a few blogs recently, but have never tried this technique myself, so it is really nice to have a quilt that I would not have made for myself.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Something exciting in the post today!

I do love to get surprises in the mail!
Last year I joined my first ever round robin. I've always loved seeing the results of other Round Robins, both on the internet and in magazines, but they have made me nervous. It seems like a big investment in something so risky. So last year I joined a mini round robin. We had to send in 6 inch block, and then 3 other people put borders onto it. This also meant that each of us only had to make borders for 3 other small quilts.
I had completely forgotten all about this swap, especially as the 3rd block for me to add a border to never arrived at my house, until this morning.

Look what has come home!
Isn't it lovely? The photo isn't great, it was already getting dark when I got home from work, but the colours are just so rich - exactly my sort of thing!

I had originally thought about turning this into a cushion, but now I'm thinking it might look nice on the wall! Perhaps I'll machine quilt it first and then see what it says to me!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Four Seasons Swap

Sorry I have not been able to get on here over the last few days, life getting in the way of quilting once more! Ho Hum!

I finally sent my little Winter quilt on it's way. I do hope the recipient likes it - I've sort of gone off it now. I dont know what it is, something I just cant put my finger on, but I'm disappointed in it!
This, of course, makes it very stressful waiting for it to cross the globe, worrying that she will see the same whatever it is and be disappointed too!

What do you think?