Monday, 25 February 2008

Saturday catch-up

This is the card DD Bronwen made at the Young Quilters class on Saturday.
It was quite a challenging project. The basket is pieced over papers and then appliqued down onto the background.
The flowers were then supposed to be made from Suffolk Puffs (which would have looked lovely) but we ran out of time, so the girls used some funky foam flowers and sparkly bits to decorate the basket with.
I'm not sure who is going to get this card, but it's Mother's day next weekend, so maybe she will give it to Granny

Despite being busy with the Young Quilters, I did manage a little bit of retail therapy as well.
There was a stall selling these thread carousels, among other goodies. I just couldn't resist! I already have my threads stored in a rack mounted on the wall, but I think this will be handy for keeping in the sitting room when I'm hand quilting ( I make it sound like I do a lot of hand quilting don't I? LOL!)

And finally...
look what arrived in the post. I ordered these patterns last week from Lisa Boyer in Hawaii, they came in double quick time. The patterns are lovely and Lisa had included a surprise - some Hawaiian charms. They are certainly what I need to brighten up a dismal grey day here in Wales. Thank you Lisa!

When I've finished something up around here, I'm going to make one or two of those wacky Tiki heads. They look like lots of fun!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Yay! I'm so glad they arrived in a timely manner. You never know from Hawaii. I wish I could've brought them there personally! Enjoy them and fondest alohas from Kauai...