Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Something exciting in the post today!

I do love to get surprises in the mail!
Last year I joined my first ever round robin. I've always loved seeing the results of other Round Robins, both on the internet and in magazines, but they have made me nervous. It seems like a big investment in something so risky. So last year I joined a mini round robin. We had to send in 6 inch block, and then 3 other people put borders onto it. This also meant that each of us only had to make borders for 3 other small quilts.
I had completely forgotten all about this swap, especially as the 3rd block for me to add a border to never arrived at my house, until this morning.

Look what has come home!
Isn't it lovely? The photo isn't great, it was already getting dark when I got home from work, but the colours are just so rich - exactly my sort of thing!

I had originally thought about turning this into a cushion, but now I'm thinking it might look nice on the wall! Perhaps I'll machine quilt it first and then see what it says to me!

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VERO said...

Very beautiful !!! Hugs from Chile, Vero