Saturday, 23 February 2008


Oh dear - what a week!
The new project I am working on has resulted in long, very busy days at work, so stitching has taken a seat right at the back. I don't like this much, and usually find a bit of quilting very therapeutic when things get tough, but this week it just hasn't been possible.
This weekend has been completely different though. Today was the Region 12 of the Quilter's Guild Area Day. I was teaching a Young Quilter's workshop this morning and in the afternoon Katherine Guerrier was the speaker - fabulous quilts! I don't have many Young Quilter's, but there are a couple of regulars, and a new girl joined us today. I hope that she enjoyed the spring cards we made and comes next time.
Sadly I forgot my camera, and so didn't get any photos of the cards the girls made, but I'll try to get a picture of Bronwen's card for you.

I've just spent the evening sorting some more scraps ready for a class tomorrow with Katherine Guerrier. I definitely won't be forgetting the camera!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Whoo hoooo! Yes, pleeeeaase don't forget the camera!!!