Friday, 15 February 2008

At last - some progress!

I had a day off work today, it's half term, so the children are off from school, and I was able to enjoy a bit of time with them. There was a bit of running around with DS, up and down to the stables, as he was riding this afternoon (again! That makes 4 times this week - so far!) and I took DD out for lunch while Niall was riding.
But I have also managed to squeeze in some time in my own room, working on putting together these 2 quilts.

The photos are a bit rubbish, as the light was going, and I've got on a bit further after I took these.

This crayon box quilt is so very nearly done, I'm having to be careful, this is the stage when I always make stupid mistakes and end up unpicking a stack of seams.
I just have 1 more strip to put on, and the sashing on one of the outside edges.

This Surprising 4-patch needs 2 more rows and the borders. I had hoped to finish this one as I will be taking a class tomorrow with the lady who taught this class, and I thought it would be nice to take it along with me. Never mind, I will probably see her next weekend at the Guild area day.

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