Sunday, 2 March 2008


I've had a lovely weekend. Yesterday Cardiff Quilters hosted the annual Doughty's Roadshow. They bring all of their fabrics to sell and we provide the space and bodies to help with the setting up etc. Being in a room full of fabrics, at very good prices, was just too tempting. I wasn't too naughty, just got a few more light FQs for my scrap quilting, wadding for some of the tops I have kicking around here and a very nice bundle of fabrics ( sort of natural stone-colours with a couple of focus fabrics ). I have no idea what I'm going to do with the letter, but a friend bought the same bundle so I think we will challenge each other to use them up. Our Young Quilter's challenge. She has a good idea for this, and will need to get going now she has her fabrics all ready.

Today is Mothering Sunday here in the UK. I had a nice lie in reading my book, with breakfast in bed supplied by Bronwen. Niall tends to sleep in himself on Sundays, so I didn't see him until much later.

This afternoon I have indulged myself with sewing ( while watching Jane Eyre on my little dvd player). I have finished the Crayon box top, made 2 more blocks for the Katherine Guerrier quilt from last weekends class an continued with putting the 4-patch blocks together. I've run out of 4.5 inch squares now, so need to do a bit more cutting out before I can finish that top. I had hoped to do some sandwiching as well, but that one didn't happen.
Sadly the light was gone by the time I was finished, so I cant post photos tonight, but I will later in the week. Maybe I'll have accomplished even more by then!


Gina said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. I did nothing quilty related. I didn't even get to Busy Bees for their sale.

love and hugs xxx

Lisa Boyer said...

You're such a busy bee! I guess I missed wishing you a Happy Mothering Day, but I hope it was a lovely one. I just watched "Mansfield Park" yesterday--PBS has been running the whole Jane Austen series--it's been wonderful! One of the author works I enjoy watching as much as reading (I usually MUCH prefer reading)--but the sets and costumes and photography in this series just make me weak in the knees.