Saturday, 24 November 2007

Not much going on here

I'm sorry to have been gone for a while. We spent a few days in Belfast over the last weekend, so there was no sewing going on. I did take some hand piecing with me, but with a bit of sight seeing and the International Cross Country ( DH was representing Wales in the 45+ category ) I didn't manage to put in a single stitch!
Mum and I took the children to see Beowulf while DH was at the presentation dinner. They enjoyed it, although Bronwen and I had to cuddle up for the jumpy bits a couple of times!

I have finished the quilting on the Indian Hatchet quilt today, used a lovely YLI variegated thread called Harvest. Although I have only done straight line quilting on this lap quilt, I am quite pleased with the effect. Hopefully I can get the binding done tomorrow, and then I'll have something to show off again.

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