Sunday, 25 November 2007

Not so restful Sunday..

I had great hopes today of getting the binding done on my Indian Hatchets quilt. I say had, but you have probably already guessed what happened here, it just didn't get done!
Instead I have spent the day trying to impose some sort of order in the mess that is my sewing room. This little room is only 6 feet by 9, but it is all mine, and it gets into a right state sometimes. A whole load of stuff turned up in my sort-out session that isn't even mine, I think that some people in this house ( who shall remain nameless ) use this space as a dumping ground. Never mind, all is now looking much better. I still need to clear off the cutting table, which is going to have to wait until tomorrow as my back is really complaining. We don't have anything on tomorrow after school, so I should be able to get this last little bit done and get my binding made. I do hope so, as I have another quilt that needs the quilting finished and I'd like to get to it while I'm on a roll!

Just so that this entry isn't another one that is picture-less I have added a photo of my little Button picture all framed and up on the wall. I still haven't got Bronnie interested in finishing hers off yet, but I'm glad that mine is done at least. I did have great ideas about making some more of these for Christmas presents, but we'll see...

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KreativeMix said...

Fabulous!! Great job!!