Thursday, 1 November 2007

Back in March I bought these panels at the Exeter quilt show ( was supposed to not be buying fabric, but couldn't resist them!). Of course they have sat in my stash ever since. On Saturday I found these two co-ordinating fabrics and thought they might help me to use up the panels. Sorry, I cant get the pictures to line up properly.

I decided to use these to try my hand at an on-point setting. I cant believe that I've never made a quilt on point, but there it is.
I cut out all the blocks, which was a bit frustrating as some of the panels were printed a bit skew-whiff and now I'm half way through stitching all of them together, but its looking quite good.

This is just going to be a 'back-of-the-sofa' utility quilt, so I think big stitch quilting might be in order ( although I might get fed up and just machine quilt it!)

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Andrea said...

Great fabrics - quite unusual ! A friend of mine does big stitch quilting and it always looks great. I've not tried it yet.