Wednesday, 31 October 2007

This month's Round-Up

On the first I posted a list of what I would like to achieve this month,

1) complete the Christmas table runner

2) sash the pretty blocks from Saturday's class

3) make a sample project for the Young Quilters ready for the Guild Regional day at the end of October

Sadly, there hasn't been quite as much progress as I would like, but the Young Quilter's sample was made, and the class held successfully so that one's OK.
All of the pretty surprising 4-patch blocks are sashed, and sewn into rows, just need to get the rows put together and borders on.
I didn't even look at the Christmas table runner! Oops!

Never mind, tomorrow is the first again, and I can just add to a new list! The surprising 4-patch and Christmas table runner will stay on there, but I'll have to think of the next task I'd like to finish.

1 comment:

Gina said...

It's alright i haven't done all on my list for october either. Still today is a new month so off I go again.
love and hugs xxx