Monday, 1 October 2007

The first of the month..

I have been mooching around various blogs and decided to pinch an idea I have seen in several places.
I will set myself a couple of tasks to achieve by the end of the month. I'm also going to try to prioritise my ufos as well.

So, here I am committing myself.

I want to

1) complete the Christmas table runner

2) sash the pretty blocks from Saturday's class

3) make a sample project for the Young Quilters ready for the Guild Regional day at the end of October - I haven't decided what this project is going to be yet, but as there is limited space at the venue, it will have to involve hand sewing rather than machine, and may well use black fleece ( as I picked up a cheapy one from Ikea last week!)

There we are, I think that will do for now. If I put too many things on my list, I will just get overwhelmed ( and work is doing that for me just now!) and not get anything done.

Lets hope that I will have progress to report on October 31st.

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