Sunday, 28 October 2007

Young Quilters

Yesterday was a lovely quilty day here in Wales. Region 12 (south and mid Wales) of the Quilters Guild had a regional day. I am Young Quilters rep for Region 12, so at these events I run a class for the children. I only had 2 girls at my class yesterday, my own home-grown YQ and 1 other, but they enjoyed the project that I had devised for them - Halloween Banners.
This is Bronwen's banner. I had created a sample with a pumpkin as the picture, but she preferred to make a spooky ghost instead. I'm very proud of her, she isn't a huge fan of hand stitching but persevered with the big wool stitches by herself.

In the afternoon we had a talk from Marie Roper. Her quilts were gorgeous, and she generously allowed us to pass them around to have a really good look. Bronwen and I particularly like her horse quilts - wish I could machine quilt like that!
There was a shopping opportunity too, I bought a book and some fabric ( will show that later!)
All in all a lovely lovely day!

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