Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Trying to live up to my name!

So far this week I've had very little time, and little inclination to do much more in the evening than veg out in front of the tv. But I decided that today I was not going to do the same thing. I have a little box of scraps cut up into 2.5 inch strips ready for a pattern I saw on Quiltville. I still need to cut up more pieces, but I needed a fix of something nice and simple to stitch and so I've started piecing the blocks. The quilt is called Crayon Box and it looks like it will grow quite quickly once I get going. I have a few blocks in various stages of construction, but here's a finished one.

I think this is going to be a bright quilt!

I have another top pieced from a Quiltville pattern. This one is waiting to be quilted ( along with about 4 other quilts in various stages of completion!). This was another quilt that I used only fabrics from my stash to make. Not bad!

Now if I can make about another 20 I might begin to see the mountain going down! LOL!


Cathi said...

Aren't Bonnie's patterns great! Looking good!

gwen said...

I love Bonnie´s patterns too. I have made 2 so far but each time I have a look at her blog, I see another one I would like to make.
Scraps is something I don´t seem to get at the end of either. Your quilts look great, JUST need to be quilted now! Take care.