Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Back again!

Well, we are back from a lovely weekend at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. The quilts on show there were just fabulous.
I did come home all inspired to get creating, but sadly work has been getting in the way of quilting time this week, with long hours and stuff. Don't they know I need my stitching fix ( not to mention the large numbers of fat quarters that need to be used up!)
While I was at the festival, I took part in the Breakfast with Region 12 event. I was demonstrating something based upon a project I did with our Young Quilters. We took a square piece of white fabric and arranged fusible backed squares in red and green ( but without ironing it) Then the children used some rubber stamps I had to stamp Welsh motifs in the white bits. Once they were happy with their stamping, we ironed the coloured squares down, made a quilt sandwich and then they went to town with some fancy stitches on the machine. At the end we added 2 overlapping strips of fabric to the back. And voila, a Welsh cushion!
They were very happy to take home a completed project at the end of the day.

I was a bit nervous about this demonstrating lark, as I don't normally do these things to grown-ups, and I thought they may have high expectations of such an event. So, I took a stack of fabric squares for people to have a go themselves, and tried to think up some additional projects to show as well as the cushion. I came up with some coasters ( bit boring!) and then got to playing. This was the result....

I have used up all of that green fabric, so I will have to think about how I can extend this idea. But I really liked it the idea of using the stamps on the block pieces.
Any thoughts on this will be more than happily received!


katelnorth said...

Very clever use of stamping in that block, Teresa - I like it a lot.

Teresa said...

Thanks Kate.
I'll need to extend the idea over the next few weeks as we have a neighbouring quilt group visiting soon and I might do this as a demo to them as well.