Monday, 27 August 2007

Another applique BOM block finished!

We've had a visitor, so haven't been able to get any of the stash-reduction projects I have in mind started yet. It's been great to see our visitor, she's an old friend from college, and we don't see her very often. So, I'm not unhappy about missing out on a long bank holiday weekend of quilting.
I have managed some more hand applique though. I've finished the next block in the Japanese Garden block of the month quilt ( I must only be 7 months behind now! LOL!)
I am very happy with how these blocks are turning out, especially as I've not done 'proper' applique before! And I just love these Daiwabo fabrics. I think I might just have to succumb to some more of them ( once I've used up some stash - honest!) The colours are so subtle ( not like me at all!)
Now I just need to prepare the next block ready for hand stitching. Once the children go back to school in 10 days I'll be back to waiting in the car for them at the bus stop/train station etc, and then I'll get lots of hand sewing done.


Sarah Jayne said...


I can't reply to your comment on my blog - I think you have to change one of the settings.
If you can send me another e-mail I'll send you a reply.

Andrea said...

Lovely applique. Those Daiwabo fabrics are gorgeous aren't they - quite unlike anything else. I'm counting the days til my kids go back to school too. I need some peace and quiet - lol !