Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Welsh Quilting

Living in Wales, I have come to appreciate the fabulous tradition of quilting that we have here. There is just something so wonderful about these intricate designs. I am avidly following this Welsh style stitch-along http://www.cassiana.typepad.com/ at the moment. This is done in the true Welsh fashion, filling in the spaces with designs that take the quilter's fancy. I've seen some fabulous quilts where the chosen designs don't quite fit in places, which adds to the charm.

I suppose that this is where I should confess that I have my very own unfinished Welsh quilt. I made the top in a class with Clare Claridge ( Making Welsh Quilts ) several years ago. It is still waiting to be quilted! I want to quilt it heavily in the Welsh fashion, which is why I have never got round to it. Hopefully Cassie's tutorial will inspire me to get my own masterpiece finished one day soon.
As soon as I get back onto the main computer ( where all the photos are) I'll post a photo - if I show it all of you, then I'll have to finish it wont I? LOL!

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katelnorth said...

If I ever started a Welsh Quilt, it would be unfinished too - I'd be too intimidated to even start quilting it, probably :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog - about stamping on fabric - I sometimes use procion mx dyes thickened with print paste/sodium alginate but other times (if I'm only doing a little) I use these fabric ink pads made by (I think) Fabrico - might also be called Versacraft? Anyway, it's ink suitable for fabric, though it has to be heat set (ironed) to be washable. I got them on ebay. Hope that helps!