Thursday, 16 August 2007

Away for a short while.

I am so excited, the children have gone on holiday with Granny and we are off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham for the weekend.
I will be doing a demonstration on Saturday morning, so I have been busy making some samples ( at the last minute as usual - but hey I work full time too!). The basis of the demo is a little cushion project that I did couple of months ago with the Young Quilters, the cushion had stamped Welsh motifs on it, so I thought I would do stamping on fabrics. Lets hope people like it, I normally do projects with children, so doing something for grown-ups is a bit daunting.

Other than that, I have my spending money ready for the vendors, and a 1Gb memory card in the camera, and a willing photographer in the form of DH.
So I will away for the next few days and come back all full of inspiration ready for a productive week of sewing!

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