Saturday, 8 December 2007

Still cutting, but a bit of stitching sneaked in!

I'm still cutting out pieces from my fat quarters box, I feel like I've done loads, but the box doesn't look any different. Perhaps the fabric is breeding in there - a new form of life that is known only to quilters! LOL!

I got a bit fed up with all of this cutting and nothing to show for it, so I have sneaked in a bit of stitching in-between times.
These blocks are from the Crayon box pattern on the Quiltville site. I had one completed already, and a few more in progress, but I've now got these and a (very) small stack of 4-patch leader/ender blocks. It feels good to be stitching after all that cutting. I've got a few more centre squares need to be done and then I can get going for real putting these blocks together

The weather is absolutely atrocious here, very windy and lots of heavy rain. We went out when it cleared a little to the medieval market at Caerphilly castle, which was a nice break in a dull day. But I did feel for the poor people there, i don't think they had many visitors on such a nasty day.


Gina said...

It's nice to see you doing some sewing after all that cutting.

We didn't even attempt to get to the market because of the weather.

love and hugs xxx

lovep90 said...

The scraps do breed while you have your back turned cutting up the other pieces!
I've gone through and determined to eliminate stash so many times, and it just always seems to grow! throw all the little leftover scraps in a box and send them off! I'm collecting some now for Tulip!