Monday, 6 April 2009

Looking out UFOs

In recent days I have been trying to tidy up and sort out my quilting stuff. I have put most of my quilting books on shelves in a single bookcase - still some more to go though, but I'm getting there.
As well as books, I have been unearthing some of the unfinished items that are lurking in my little room. This one, I'm ashamed to say, seems to date from January 2004! The pattern was from Fabrications magazine, which was very carefully placed with all teh blocks and fabrics in a box. It's a pinwheel, but each block is made as a small quiltlet and then the blocks are all zig-zagged together.
I don't have many nearly complete blocks. These need quilting so I think I'll practice machine quilting on them.

As well as the above blocks, I have about 20 of the basic blocks, which need the wadding attaching and the sides closed up before turning through, plus pieced strip pairs all ready to make more.

I think I'll leave this one out and see if I can get it finished some time this year.
The trouble is, I just know there are loads more half finished projects in boxes lurking under the surface. I really think I'm going to have to name and shame in order to get them out in the open and onto beds!

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