Thursday, 17 April 2008

AGM Report

Well Bronnie and I had a fabulous time at the Quilter's Guild AGM in Cambridge, I cant believe we haven't been before. We'll certainly be there in the future!
We went to several lectures by Ineke Berlyn, Charlotte Yde ( Lovely Art quilts ), Shirley Bloomfield ( Baltimore applique ) and Helen Deighan ( dyeing and coiled pots ) and enjoyed some lovely exhibits as well.
Bronnie took the Young Quilters classes, making a funky mask, quilted bag and pussy cat doorstops. She really enjoyed herself. She was also very impressed with the college, and decided that she would like to attend there when she leaves school.
I have got photos of Bronnie's YQ challenge project, along with the other YQ entries, but sadly blogger isn't playing at the moment and wont let me upload. I shall try again tomorrow.

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