Monday, 9 June 2008

Carrying on with the children's quilts

My washing line looked very attractive with all of those colourful quilts drying in the sunshine yesterday. I have 2 more quilts to finish, 1 to bind and 1 to complete the quilting and bind, and then I can wash those and deliver them all by the weekend.
This evening I have concentrated on the quilting. I just have a few more lines to do and then I'll be done.
I'm not much of a machine quilter, I can just do straight ( ish! ) lines with a walking foot. I really want to remedy this though, so I have bought a machine quilting dvd - Fast and Fun - and signed up for a class on Quilt University. I know the theory, and also that practise is the key, so I have the idea that I will make table mats - nice and small to try out the techniques.
Oh well, it's almost bed time, just a little bit of blog reading before I head up - night night!

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