Monday, 22 September 2008

Quilty stuff and a cake too!

I had a birthday at the weekend, and it seems that I have finally got my family trained! Among other things, DH bought me The Painted Quilt by the Kemshalls and Sandra Meech's Contemporary Quilts book, and my Mum gave me a mini rotary cutter and a selection of button ( including some cool music ones which will go well with the guitars!) So now that the kids are all home from school and busy, I'm going to head upstairs with my books and a cup of tea for a little bit of 'me' time.

As well as the lovely presents, DH and Bronnie made this for me...

The characters are, left to right, DH, Bronnie and DS, Niall ( the bearded one!) DJ the cat is in the middle of the cake.
We'll overlook the fact that initially the candles said 47!


Julia said...

Hi Teresa,

I love the colours of the jelly roll in your previous post (my favourite colours). I've just bought my first jelly roll in similar colours, but goodness knows when I'll get around to doing something with it!! What you've done so far is looking good :0)

Faith said...

You have recieved an award from me so go and have a little peep at my blog. That cake looks yummy!!