Monday, 15 September 2008

Any ideas?

DS ( aged 16 ) has something of a guitar obsession. He's currently got 3 and is considering getting a new acoustic guitar. So when I saw this in Celtic Quilting on Saturday, I couldn't leave without it.
Not knowing what I would do with it, I took what was left on the bolt ( just over 1 m ).
Niall loves it, and is looking forward to whatever I make for him.
I have no idea what I should make though.
Any ideas? I'd really love some inspiration if you have any ideas.


Nancy-Rose said...

I've got a "Rock Star" here too - and used a very similar fabric to make him a pillow case. It's a fast project, and you have just the right amount of fabric!

Gina said...

Great fabric. No ideas though

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jackie said...

What teenage boy wouldn't like the guitar fabric?! It's fantastic!

Would love to see what you decided to do!