Sunday, 7 December 2008

Party time!

Yesterday was the annual Cardiff Quilters Christmas party. As the first one I've been responsible for since I took over as chair, I have to say I was quite anxious that it went well ( even had nightmares about it during the week!) Thankfully it went off very well and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a tasty buffet lunch, a couple of traders to spend our money at ( a quilt book stall and another from a quilt shop with lots of lush fabrics, jelly rolls and charm packs) and a really fascinating speaker in the afternoon. The speaker was Dian, who, as well as being the coordinator for Region 12 of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles, is also a member of Sons of the Dragon, a medieval re-enactment group. Dian had lots to tell us about life in the 14th century, particularly life for women, and had brought along her fabulous costumes as well. I couldn't help feeling that my Mother would have signed up to join them on the spot if she had been there, she loves that period of history.

I decided to issue a challenge to my fellow quilters, and I have to say they rose to it extremely well. I gave everyone a piece of timtex and backing and challenged them to make a Christmas postcard.
These are what they came up with...

Apologies for the iffy photos, at least the light was reasonable yesterday

The members all voted for their favourite, and this one by Barbara was the winner. Isn't it gorgeous?

I did a little shopping at the traders stalls, bought a quilty calendar, a secret Santa present and this Christmas cats panel. I've machine quilter around the blocks today, and once I've bound it, I'm planning to quilt moggie paw prints in the centre of each block. It should make a nice little decoration for the sofa over Christmas. I would let the cat sit on it, but he's in disgrace just now - he keeps bringing mice in ( and they aren't always dead!)


Vero said...

Hello !! Sorry !!Please wait a little for your little Quilt .

lej619 said...

oh my the christmas cards are wonderful!!