Monday, 1 December 2008

Santa's Workshop

It is the school Christmas Fete on Friday, so I've been busy making some bits and pieces for them to sell on the craft stall.

Christmas tree decorations always go down well. These were demonstrated at Cardiff Quilters a couple of years ago and have been quite relaxing to sit and stitch. I have got some more, but these ones just need some ribbon loops attached.
They look quite nice on the design wall.

I'm pretty certain that I have seen large quilts made like this - another hand stitching project to keep in mind for the future once have finished with the applique melons.

Marianne at Busy Bees showed me how to make these lovely Jester bags. These contain little bags of chocolate coins. I have quite a stack all cut out and in progress. I should have quite a few ready by Friday. The lack of ribbon is all I need to sort out and then I can get them finished off tomorrow after school.

I hope that they are popular at the fete - I'd hate to se ethem all left over at the end of the sale.


Gina said...

love what you've made

love and hugs Gina xxx

lej619 said...

i really like the jester bags
is there a pattern for them.
I would love to try my hand at them.
i have made a number of small bags but nothing like this one.