Sunday, 28 June 2009


Yesterday I took my Mum to a Quilter's day run by Region 12 of the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles. These are run every quarter or so and usually consist of a variety of activities followed by a speaker in the afternoon. The speaker this time was Ann Jermey - It doesn't Matter if it's Not Finished! This was a very liberating talk for those of us who have lots of UFOs as Ann brought out one after another of the 50 unquilted tops that she has! I know that I have lots of unfinished things that often make me feel quite paralysed, but now I'm going to organise them and finish them when I'm ready!

In the morning there were a variety of demonstrations - my favourite being the freezer paper stenciling by Debra O'Hare of Quilt Routes. Debra creates beautiful hand painted fabrics .
I made this little bird yesterday at the Regional Day

But the we carried on playing with freezer paper and paint today at home

These are DDs samples...

And this one is my Mum's.

My Mum is not a quilter, and would say that she is not artistic either, but this is great! And before she knows it, I'm going to get her putting borders on it and turn it into a small wall hanging!

These are some more birds I did today.

I think I'll add some leaves and flowers as well and then see where the pieces take me.

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Marit said...

Quilters day sounds like a lot of fun! And I love the stenciled images you made, you will have lot of fun playing with them, turning them into quilts.
Your Confetti quilt is so sweet, love it! And the photoquilt of your granddad is precious!
Thank you also for stopping by...