Thursday, 16 July 2009

Back from York, but only for a short while!

We have just come home from a short break in York with the family and my Mum.
I ad never been there before, and we had a lovely time ( the weather was even good to us!) There was so much to see and do, that we only managed to scratch the surface of this lovely city, so we'll have to go back again some time.

I did sneak in a quick visit to the Quilt Museum though! It's well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity. The building it is housed in is beautiful, although the single photo I managed i quite poor as you can see. And there was a lovely garden to sit in as well ( which I completely missed photographing at all!)

I took scores of photos of lovely old buildings, the Minster, city walls etc, but this one really took me down memory lane. When I was a child the Rag & Bone man was a common sight as he collected scrap metal and assorted junk on his horse and cart. I think it must be about 35 years since I've seen one, so we were thrilled to catch sight of this man as we were all walking around the city walls.

We are now off to Italy for a week with the children. I have a pile of hand stitching all ready to take with me, as I hope to spend some time lounging by the pool. I should have plenty to show when I get home again.

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