Thursday, 18 February 2010

Something new

For some time now I have had a yearning to make a lap blanket from crocheted granny squares. Only one problem, I didn't know how to crochet! Oops! I tried to learn from book, but this didn't really work out for me. So I shelved the idea. Then I found this blog, attic 24. I love Lucy's work, it's so bright and cheerful - just my sort of thing. So to cut a long story short, I was inspired to get out a crochet hook, some yarn and YouTube how-to videos on the laptop ( thank you Mikeysmail - great instructions!)

These are my initial granny squares, enough for a cushion top. While they aren't perfect ( my tension leaves much to be desired!) I'm pretty proud of them!

I need to sew my squares together, but first I wanted to carry on perfecting my technique. So here is another cushion top using multiple colours.This isn't quite finished yet, but it shouldn't be too long.

I think I might be ready for that technicoloured blanket soon!

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Jet said...

Nice hadnwork! Supercool! How have you done it?