Wednesday, 3 March 2010


How come it's Wednesday already again? I don't really want to just update this blog once a week, but time seems to be running away with me just now.

So, what have I been up to this week?

I haven't done much stitching at home, I'm busy trying to sort my little sewing room out, and it's such a mess in there that I have to do a small task each day. I would take before photos, but I'm just too ashamed!

I did take another class last weekend though, Hand Applique with Marianne McMorrow of Busy Bees. I made a fair amount to progress during the day. This photo is quite poor ( the colours aren't true) but I think you can see what my cushion will look like. I'm quite happy with my stitches now, and was thrilled to learn how to make bias tubing for the stems, and a shape other than circles or melons.
I'm sure I'll be on to more adventurous things one day.


Miranda said...

Looks great & I love the fabrics well done! I would love to learn how to to bias tubing oneday.

lala said...

Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here

acrylic award said...

Well, you're doing great, more practice & then you'll be able to make difficult patterns.
Happy Christmas! :)