Friday, 15 January 2010

First finish of 2010!

I did it! I have completed my first project of the year.
I may have started this little quilt some time ago, but at long last it is all done. I finished binding it earlier this week, but I had to wait until I came home from work in daylight before I could get a half decent photo of it.
The fabrics are all my own hand-dyes, although I did these several years ago. They had been sitting in the box all this time waiting for a 'special' project. Eventually I decided that I would grit my teeth and cut into them. After all, I can always have some fun and dye more if that special project ever materialises! LOL!

Now to finish another!


Andrea said...

You know I want this - lol !

Georgina said...

Great colours!

Karen said...

Oh, I just love this quilt!!! And, thank you for the idea for my POTC background. Bright sky blue sounds very interesting. Sorry I had to respond to your comment this way, as you came across as 'no-reply.' Your e-mail address must be missing from your Blogger Profile. As for my klosjes, I just made a template.