Saturday, 2 January 2010


We often think about new starts and changes to our lives at this time of year, and after mooching around blogland looking at the New Year resolutions of others I am no different. I've deliberated and cogitated and come to a conclusion.
Stuff the diet and getting fit things - I'm just going to quilt more! It makes me happy! And, if I'm happy, then my family will be happy (mainly because I wont be nagging them quite so much!LOL!)
How to start though? I still haven't finished painting my little sewing room, so that's a teal mess just now, and as I had Quilters today, I've just done a bit of hand sewing (basting hexagons) - it's sewing though, so that's OK. I should probably set myself some goals though otherwise who knows how many more new quilts I'll start!

So, my plans for January are fairly realistic.

1. Bind the quilt below. This little quilt has been all but finished for ages and it's really about time that it was upon the wall.

2. Finish the bag I started in a Sally Ablett workshop last year.

I'll add more goals to these as the year goes on, for instance I know of at least 3 other things that just need binding, but I think 2 is a good start and not too over-whelming.


Sarah Jayne said...

What a great idea - do what you enjoy.

Georgina said...

Love the colours in your nearly-finished WIP

twoforjoy design said...

I hope you managed to get your bag finished - Sally is my mum, so I'm sure she'd like to know that you've finished it!