Sunday, 27 January 2008

Great day yesterday!

Yesterday I have a lovely indulgent day full of great quilts! I went to a workshop with Ineke Berlyn at Busy Bees in Newport.
We did the Pieced Landscapes class, which was great fun. I have often admired landscape quilts, but haven't yet had a go. I didn't manage to finish the centre of my piece yesterday. I always find classes quite intense, and by the last hour I was starting to make mistakes, so I stopped. I've carried on a bit today though, and have got this far....

I still need to put on the borders and some little houses and trees, but at least I can see the beginnings here.
Gina from Quilting in the Valleys was also attending the class. It's nice to meet a fellow blogger - some of my flesh-and-blood friends think I'm a bit odd messing about in quilty cyber-space! Gina's quilt was looking lovely, I'm sure she'll post pictures of it soon.

I'm going to head back to my little room for now with Hamish MacBeth to try and get my 4 Seasons quilt finished - talk about last minute! This little quilt has a long way to go and I need to get it in the post this week.


Gina said...

you beat me to it. Can you believe all the photos I took I didn't take one of mine. LOL
I think yours looks great now it's done.
Right I'm off to take a photo and post it on my blog.
It was great finally meeting ypu aswell.
love and hugs xxx

Colleen Eskridge almost formerly of South Africa said...

Hey its looking great...and I love the Crayon blocks. How cool is that. Sure you enjoyed your class. Colleen packing in Africa